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A message to 2013 Leavers

UNIS Hanoi News - 27 June, 2013 - 17:28

Dear Leavers,

We are sorry that you have to leave UNIS Hanoi, but as you start out on your new adventure, you become part of the UNIS Hanoi worldwide alumni community.

We welcome everyone to our alumni community – former students from all grades, their parents and former faculty and staff – and we hope our worldwide community will just keep on growing.

The alumni community programme will keep you in touch with your friends, students and teachers at UNIS, make new friends in your new home, receive news from school, find out about alumni gatherings and reunions!

We look forward to staying in touch with you and good luck as you start your new adventure!


Abdo, Reem
Abdo, Dalia
Ahmad Solihin, Noah
Ahmad Solihin, Ilham
Ahn, Jeong Yeon
Alldritt, Jay
Alldritt, Samuel
Alldritt, Kai
Azarcon, Juan Paolo
Azarcon, Juan Carlo
Banglorewala, Pooja
Beek, Maarten
Beek, Jord
Beek, Melanie
Camacho Caballero, Iris Daniela
Chen, Kacey
Cheng, Devon
Cheng, Gabrielle
Chung, Adrien
Coppens, Ophelie
Coppens, Pierrot
Curcio, Sara
Davies, Ailsa
Doan, Anh Phuc
Engelson, Fiona
Engelson, Matilda
Enticknap-Smith, Eleanor
Enticknap-Smith, Findley
Fairman, Kelly
Fairman, Kyle
Franklin, Dillon
Gordon, James
Hamada, Oscar
Hamada, Ophelia
Hamada, Itsuki
Hamer, Ruan
Heindl, Matthias
Heindl, Mariana
Hirama, Akira
Hirama, Nozomu
Jahnsen Gutierrez, Carlos Joaquin Jeanne, Julian
Jeong, Sun Woo
Johnston, Zoe
Johnston, Andrew
Karlsson Kihlberg, Louise
Kaufman, Ido
Kaufman, Maya
Keane, Trajan
Keane, Duncan
Kenderdine- Davies, Alexander
Kieft, Khayla
Kieft, Kalinda
Kieft, Stephanie
Killian, Joachim
Kim, Ji Eun
Kobayashi, Nemo
Lalonde, Vincent
Lalonde, Charles
Lalonde, Louis
Lalonde, Marie-Flore
Lee, Seung Chan
Lee, Hyung Ki
Lee, Eun Ki
Le-King, Anna
Liston, Gwendolyn
Liston, Bridget
Luchtenburg, Anika
Luchtenburg, Alan
Lykkegren, Benedicte
Lykkegren, Alexander
Mishra, Aneesha
Mishra, Tanusha
Mor, Zheng Yuan
Mor, Yan Ying
Mor, Kai Yuan
Murakami, Yuri
Mustafa, Maryam
Nguyen, Duc Minh
Nguyen, Dan
Norton, Samuel
Norton, Tobias Norton, Harriet
Ollen, Daniel
Orona, Ayla
Orona, Joaquin
Orona, Octavio
Park, Jin Young
Pierangelo, Luca
Pineros Saravia, Sofia
Pineros Saravia, Esteban
Pogade, Kim - Leanne
Poulsen, Laurids
Powers, Orion
Powers, Marissa
Rafuse, Sophia
Rafuse, Grace
Rafuse, Theo
Rees-Druitt, Sophie
Richtering Blenken, Peter Friso
Richtering Blenken, Emma Sophie
Rickard, Bryony
Rosenholm, Philip
Ross, Rahil
Ross, Samiha
Rossi, Victor
Saito, Yuka
Senanayake, Darikha
Sharma, Amol
Sharma, Daksh
Shin, Min Chol
Singhal, Anush
Stephens, Valentina
Stephens, Alessandro
Tamilselvan, Rhakesh
Teranishi, Mitsuki
Tran, Thao
Trinh, Dave-Van
Wan, Xin Yi
Wan, Wei Long
Wipf, Nico
Wu, Yen-Hung
Yoon, Hye Lin

Leaving faculty

Bond, Kathryn
Bowman, Barbara
Drozdz, Anne Marie
Druitt, Elizabeth
Endicott, Cami
Enticknap-Smith, Meagan
Ferra, Vanessa
Finnimore, BronwynGill, Christopher
Hamada, Clint
Hamada, Melissa
Inui, Naoko
Keane, Lisa
Lopez Salazar, Abigail
McHale, Cameron
Miranda, NicoleNaramore, Amber
Norton, Lucy
Norton, Simon
Powers, Christina
Powers, Steven
Rickard, Pamela
Van Olst, Edwin

Congratulations to Class of 2013!

UNIS Hanoi News - 27 June, 2013 - 12:35

UNIS Hanoi is pleased to announce that the Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2013 was a success. Over 650 people filled the Sports Centre including all UNIS Faculty and Grade 9 – 11 students.

Although the achievements of the Class of 2013 were many, four students were honored with special recognition for outstanding achievement in Scholarship, Community Service, Perseverance, and Contributions to the Life of the School.


Award Winners:

Scholar's Award

Dr. France J. Rhodes Community Service Award

Director’s Award

Council of International Schools Award

Na Yeong Yang

Gia Han Tran

Andrew Kim

Laura Ramoso

Please join in wishing the Class of 2013 congratulations and best wishes for the future!


UNIS Hanoi Class of 2013

Ahmad Solihin, Yong Kamila
Banglorewala, Shraddha
Beard, Ellen
Brondum Reeh, Emilie
Cohen, Sariek
Davies, Ruby
Dluzniewska, Monika
Emblem, Kelly
Erdogan, Berrin
Fiebrantz, Jan
Gangell, Marcus
Ha, Hai
Ha, Viet Phuong
Jo, Tae Hee
Khadka, Salil Jung
Kim, Andrew
Kim, Bum Soo
Kim, Da HyeongKim, Young Jin
Kimura, Ayaki
Krasnobaeva, Ksenia
Le, Huong Giang
Lee, Jung Hyun
Lee, Si Yeon
Mohd Jamil, Izziany
Ngo, Minh
Nguyen, Huy
Nguyen, Lam
Nguyen, Nam Anh
Nguyen, Son
Nguyen, Trung
Nishimura, Haruka
Nyberg, Yanik
Park, Hyun Gyu
Park, Seong Hyun
Pham, LinhPorter, Charlotte
Ramos, Steven
Ramoso, Laura
Sarhan, Abdullah
Senanayake, Dehaja
Singh, Kartik
Soderberg, Jimmy
Stonehouse, Sophie
Tang, Zhen Wayne
Teranishi, Masatoki
Tran, Gia Han
Tran, Le-My
Truong, Giang
Yang, Na Yeong
Yang, Seung Je
Yokoyama, Ayaka

Announcing UNIS Hanoi’s Values and Beliefs

UNIS Hanoi News - 26 June, 2013 - 11:24

Earlier this year, through a series of focus groups, more than 350 members of the UNIS Hanoi community, including students, parents, faculty, staff, admin and alumni provided in-depth inputs into values that are important to them. Their views were comprehensively recorded by the Board's consultants and formed the basis for the final UNIS Hanoi Values and Belief Statements, which were approved by the Board of Directors last Tuesday, June 11.

We are very happy to share with you the three values of

Learning, Community and Responsibility

together with corresponding beliefs statements below. 

We look forward to seeing these Values and Beliefs integrated into the School's identity in the new school year and guiding UNIS Hanoi's work in the years ahead.

Because UNIS values... UNIS believes that we... Learning

- Learn, think and reflect critically in an inspring environment, using a dynamic curriculum that exceeds international standard;

- Use and apply knowledge in the classroom and beyond for life-long personal development, as we strive for happy, balanced lives;

- Question and research collaboratively to seek innovative solutions for local and global issues.

    UNIS values... UNIS believes that we... Community

- Pro-actively connect with others to make supportive, long-lasting and diverse friendships;

- Take action to create a safe, caring, and sustainable environment;

- Respect and appreciate diverse cultures, beliefs and languages to deepen our understanding of local and global issues.

  UNIS values... UNIS believes that we... Responsibility

- Act with integrity to make and defend reasoned decision based on respect, compassion and fairness;

- Take ownership and are accountable for our thoughts, actions and their consequences;

- Face challenges with courage, resilience and an independent spirit, whilst remining responsive and adaptable to change.


The Board wishes to record sincere appreciation to all who contributed to this process, including students, parents, faculty, staff admin and alumni.

Sarah Garner

Board Chair

Spring 2013

UNIS Hanoi News - 26 June, 2013 - 10:48

Welcome to the second edition of the UNIS Hanoi Alumni e-News – a quarterly newsletter that goes out to all UNIS Hanoi alumni every winter, spring, summer and fall.

It has been a busy season for UNIS as well as for UNIS Hanoi alumni with highlight celebrations of the 25th Birthday Year. As Head of School Dr. Chip Barder said: "This year’s anniversary celebrations continue the school’s pioneering tradition and are about the future and building a legacy gift for the next 25 yers!”

With this Spring 2012-13 edition I am also pleased to add two more digitalized version of 1994-95 and 1995-96 Yearbooks to you Digital Yearbook Archive. I would also like to extend my gratitude to alumni who have been sharing with the school photos from the past to help rebuild the Photo Archive. We will keep sharing them with you on our Alumni Photo Gallery.

Enjoy reading and let us know your connection to what you will read here. And come back to visit!

Emma Silva
Director of Advancement

News from UNIS Hanoi

25th Birthday Year Celebrations continues

25th Birthday Ball Launched on the International Peace Day, the momentum of our Birthday celebration has been unstoppable with UN Day and a serie of 25th Birthday Alumni Reunions in five countries, leading up to the highlights of the year with the SCO Spring Fair, 25th Birthday Ball and, last but not least the upcoming 25th Birthday Alumni Reunion in Seoul. >> Click here for full story.

American Folk-Singer Joan Baez visited UNIS Hanoi
Joan Baez at UNIS Hanoi UNIS Hanoi experienced another memorable moment in its history this past week with the visit to our campus and presentation in a student assembly by American Folk-Singer Ms. Joan Baez.
>> Click here to see full story and picture.

Thank you message from Bryony Rickard – Grade 10TP and how Bryony’s project helped two friends find each other

2012-13 G10 Personal Poject Exhibition

Our Alumni Community has been helping Bryony Rickard - 10TP with her personal project about making the history of UNIS more alive to our current community.

>> Click here to see Bryony’s project and read her message.

A UNIS Hanoi student has been chosen as Swedish Hero 2012
Linnea's G5 Project

Linnea Niklasson – current Grade 6 student has received one of the highest honours from her native Sweden in recognition of her work helping others… and it all started as a fifth grade project!

>> Click here for full story.

Usuzumi Zakura, the cherry tree that lives more than 1,000 years on UNIS Hanoi campus
Usuzumi Zakura is one of the oldest cherry blossom trees in Japan. The Usuzumi-zakura at Neo Village, Gifu Prefecture is another famous cherry tree in Japan, and it is believed to have been planted by an emperor nearly 1,500 years ago. UNIS Hanoi is honoured and delighted to receive a donation of 10 baby Usuzumi Sakura trees for planting on campus from Japan as part of the 40th Anniversary of Japan-Vietnam Amity celebrations.


Defining UNIS Hanoi's Values and Beliefs: Work in Progress
Thanks to our alumni who together with current UNIS Hanoi community members have provided their views about the values that are important to them to help the Board to articulate the School’s values and beliefs. >> Click here for full story

A busy season for UNIS’ Sports and Activities Teams with non-stop trips and hosting athletic and arts events within framework of Model United Nations (MUN),MRISA (Mekong River International School Association) and APAC (Asia Pacific Activities Conference). Most notable were APAC swimming medal earned by Emma Simson van Dijkhuize and the absolute championships at the MRISA Soccer earned by our UNIS MRISA Junior and Senior Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer teams. Congratulations to the coaches and members of UNIS teams for their successes!

Alumni Updates and Class Notes

Mr. Jim Ambrose and Dr. Frances Rhodes Dr. Alice Ann Winners (Head of School 1988-90), Mr. Jim Ambrose (Head of School 1994-97) and Dr. Frances Rhodes (Head of School 1997-02) were back to Hanoi for the 25th Birthday celebrations in the week of 13 April. We enjoyed listening and sharing their stories and memories and looking forward to sharing them with you in an upcoming video. Watch this space in the next editions of Alumni e-News.

25th Birthday Alumni Reunion in Tokyo

25th Birthday Alumni Reunion in Tokyo.Over 70 alumni gathered at the Mariners' Court Hotel for the first ever Alumni Reunion in Tokyo hosted by Head of School Dr. Chip Barder and Director of Advancement Emma Silva.

>>Click here for full report and pictures.

Kyung Han Chung (Class of 2002) got married in April and is now living in Seoul. He will attend the 25th Birthday Alumni Reunion in Seoul on 11 May.

Mads Tarp (Class of 2003) Mads Tarp (Class of 2003) visited UNIS on 12 April. He was met by Liz Druitt, his homeroom teacher back in Grade 10 in 2000-01. It was Mads’ first time back to Hanoi after 12 years.

Back on Campus April 2013 Back on Campus April 2013 Jo Whitty (Former Faculty 2009-12) together with Dominique (Future Class of 2018) and Madeleine (Future Class of 2015) came back to visit on 2 April. During the visit Jo re-joined Oi Capella for a practice session while Dominique and Madeleine had great time seeing their friends again.

Alumni meet up in Singapore Alumni meet-up in Singapore on 23 March.
During her one-week conference in Singapore Director of Advancement Emma Silva had a lovely meet-up with Adrienne Michetti (Former Faculty 2006-09) and Radhika Gowda (Class of 2014). "It was the highlight of my week in Singapore”, says Emma.

Sophie Cibre (Former Faculty 2005-2012)
and Wayne Hodgkinson (Former Faculty 2005-2012) welcomed their twin Mark and Ella on 21 March.

 Cheon Sub Sim Class of 2000 Cheon Sub Sim (Class of 2000) was back on campus just before winter break 2012-13. He met with Ms. Huong, Library Assistant. It took a while but Ms. Huong recognized Cheon Sub and remembered that he has a brother Jin Sub who also went to UNIS.

Melissa Griffin (Former Faculty 2003-12) is back from Antarctica with a wonderful stories and pictures to share.


For more pictures of alumni meet-ups and alumni back on campus, please visit UNIS Hanoi Alumni Community Photo Archive.




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From Antarctica with love

UNIS Hanoi News - 29 April, 2013 - 16:29

Antarctica will always be one of the most amazing trips of my life. This year has been incredible with lots of stories, adventures and jaw-dropping moments but this piece will be about the White Continent. Apparently it’s a thing to reach all of the continents. I didn’t know this, but I’ve done it now.

There is no place like Antarctica and the guides will tell you this and they also work up in the Arctic circle. This trip was fun, exciting, educational and eye opening. We spent Christmas and New Year on the boat.

When you travel to Antarctica you live on the boat, unless you are heading to work in a research base. You make landings to hang out with penguins and other animals. It’s not just the wildlife that takes your breath away, it’s the landscape and the colours. How many blues are there in the world and how many of those are only in Antarctica. Moving through the icebergs was like floating, literally, through an art gallery.  With about 70 to 90 percent of an iceberg is below the water it’s otherworldly looking down into the clear blue ocean at the icebergs below. Getting close is not a good idea because they melt and flip over, and you don’t want to be on the side where the ice is about to surface.

Some of the mountains in Antarctica are over 3000m high. The scale is unbelievable but you need a ship to have any idea of this because to just look at the mountains is deceiving to the eye. Being white and white and white and then some more white you can’t make comparisons and estimates. Humbling to think of Shackleton and the other "Heroic Age Explorers” tackling this continent over a century ago, their journeys were epic in nature.

Every day we had lectures we could attend to learn about what we were were seeing and experiencing. Yes optional school. We went to almost all of them. The guides knew their stuff, there were geologists and biologists with different fields of expertise - ice, rocks, birds, whales, mammals. They were all excellent teachers.

We saw whales, dolphins, seals, penguins, albatross and so many more animals. Penguins were my favourite. Always funny to watch and their social behaviour is much like humans. No we don’t collect pebbles to make our homes and baby beds but they interact with each other in similar ways.

We wrote more about the experience in our blog. If you would like more, head to The captions under the photos along with our journal piece provide much more than I could ever describe here.

My overwhelming emotion was gratitude that I was able to visit this special place and to learn more about it and how important it is that we take care of it for us and our planet. So many times I thought of students and teachers from UNIS that would have loved to have been where I was. One of the science research stations we visited would have made UNIS science teachers and students cry because they would have been so happy to be there surrounded by data, machines and science in action.

If you get the chance, go.

Melissa Griffin
Former MSHS teacher of Mathematics, I.T. and Humanities.



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UNIS Smile Club's Operation Smile Charity Concert

UNIS Hanoi News - 29 April, 2013 - 11:36

UNIS Smile Club's Smile Charity Concert

On Sunday 21 April, the UNIS Smile Club organized their second annual ‘Smile Charity Concert’.

This year’s special venue - the Hanoi Opera House. The concert, under the name "The Gift of Smile” was a charity event designed for the purpose of raising money and awareness to support Operation Smile, whilst providing an opportunity for students all over Hanoi to interact with each other, cooperate and showcase their talents.

The show began with a special performance from the Hanoi Youth Dancing Group, followed by participating acts meticulously prepared by students from a variety of different schools, including Hanoi Amsterdam, Hanoi International School, Singapore International School, Viet Duc High School, Yen Hoa High School as well as some of our very own talents from UNIS. Some highlights from the show included the outstanding dance performance by UNIS’ beloved dance group ‘Pixelated’ who brought a massive amount of energy into the Opera House; the mesmerizing classical guitar performance by Duong Nguyen (Grade 10 UNIS); and several other solo acts.

Weaved into the program were several special guest performances by famous Vietnamese singers, most notably Tran Hong Nhung, and Luu Huong Giang with her husband Ho Hoai Anh. The well-loved artist Thuy Chi, known for her soft angelic voice, also made an appearance to support the cause by performing two songs. The representative of Operation Smile in Asia also gave a brief speech about Operation Smile, its goals and mission.

The concert was an outstanding success and raised approximately 100,000,000 VND to be donated to Operation Smile so that children all over Vietnam could be given the ‘gift of a smile’.

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UNIS Hanoi’s Service Learning Special Report

UNIS Hanoi News - 29 April, 2013 - 11:09

Linnea's G5 Project 

Linnea Niklasson - current Grade 6 student - has been chosen as Swedish Hero 2012, one of the highest honours in Sweden, for her project Heart of Linnea.

Linnea’s mother, Malin Nikalsson said: "We are so proud of her. The project at UNIS started as an exhibition for Grade 5, where Linnea wanted to know more about her heart. During that work she realized that the heart surgery that she as a Swedish child got for free at home, someone in her new home country could never afford. So she decided to give to someone who could not afford it the heart surgery they needed to save their life.” <?xml:namespace prefix = o />

That is when Linnea started organizing some fundraising, and set up her own booth at the students’ exhibition event to spread out the awareness. In three weeks’ time, Linnea was able to collect $3200, enough to afford two heart surgeries for two poor children in Vietnam.

With that money, a child, named Bui Duc Trung, could finally have his open-heart surgery, and it was a success! He is now out of hospital and is able to go back to school and to help his family.

With what was left from the donation money, another child named Phu Gia was also helped to an operation. He was in a really ill condition and needed an operation as soon as possible, but couldn’t manage to afford the expensive treatment.

This journey is far from over for Linnea is determined to help more, so that more children in Vietnam could have access to medical treatment they need, despite of their financial condition. Find out more about Linnea continuing project here.



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Thank you message from Bryony Rickard – 10TP

UNIS Hanoi News - 29 April, 2013 - 10:57

As you know from the Winter 2012-13 edition of the Alumni e-News, Bryony Rickard, a current Grade 10 student, has been collecting stories for her personal project called Getting In Touch to make the history of UNIS more alive for our current community with help from our alumni.

The project is now completed and was one of the most successful in the Grade 10 Personal Exhibition evening with a grade of 7 out of 7.

Please find below the Thank you message from Bryony to the Alumni Community for all the help:

Dear UNIS Hanoi Alumni,

Thank you so very much helping me out with my Personal Project! I really appreciated all the responses I received over the past year and I hope I have done you and your stories all justice through my project.

I am pleased to inform you that your response has been uploaded to my website and that the UNIS community is enjoying reading it! The link to the website is below. On it you can see all the responses I received and links to the 13 Tin Tuc articles (UNIS Hanoi's Weekly Newsletter) that feature some of your fellow alumni.


Thank you again and please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my project! 

Bryony Rickard - 10TP

On another note, in the evening of the Grade 10 Personal Exhibition evening Bryony met one of our alumni Ida Gade (Class of 2002). From Bryony’s Getting In Touch project Ida had found and asked to be put back in touch with one of her former classmates Thomas Faunce (Class of 2002), whose heart she allegedly broke in Grade 7 (according the Thomas’ interview). Ida and Thomas had lost connection since they left UNIS Hanoi nearly 15 years ago and UNIS Hanoi Alumni was more than delighted to put them back in touch with each other.

Should you wish to get back in touch with any friends or teachers from UNIS Hanoi, do not hesitate to email and we will try our best to help you.

More pictures from the Grade 10 Personal Exhibition evening:

2012-13 G10 Personal Poject Exhibition



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American Folk-Singer Ms. Joan Baez’s visit to UNIS Hanoi

UNIS Hanoi News - 29 April, 2013 - 10:47

UNIS Hanoi experienced another memorable moment in its history this past week with the visit to our campus and presentation in a student assembly by American Folk-Singer Ms. Joan Baez.

For the students, I believe it was an important opportunity to hear from such an icon of a different era with some definite history here in Vietnam. Aside from the stories and songs from Ms. Baez, the students own contribution to the assembly were extremely impressive. The singing of the High School Vietnamese Class students brought tears to everyone’s eyes including Ms. Baez. I had to go find her more tissues! The students’ questions to Ms. Baez were insightful and thought-provoking, and their delivery was articulate and clear. The choirs and instrumentalists for the last song were at their best and inspired Ms. Baez to join in.

Also having Mr. Nguyen Hoang Son, one of our parents, come forward to join us on stage was most appreciated. As a young child, Mr. Son, the son of a Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs official, was in the bunker with Ms. Baez back in 1972 because of the bombing. His presence made our connection with Ms. Baez even stronger.

Ms. Baez herself commented to me afterwards at how impressed she was with the whole event.

This was another one of those events that made me feel so lucky to be a part of this community.


Dr. Barder, Head of School

Ms. Joan Baez's visit to UNIS Hanoi


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25th Birthday Year Celebrations continues

UNIS Hanoi News - 29 April, 2013 - 10:18

Launched on the International Peace Day, the momentum of our Birthday celebration has been unstoppable with UN Day and a serie of 25th Birthday Alumni Reunions in five countries, leading up to the highlights of the year with the SCO Spring Fair, the 25th Birthday Ball and last but not least, the 25th Birthday Alumni Reunion in Seoul.

Spring Fair

Spring Fair at UNIS Hanoi has always been a fun family day for the entire community with food, games, shopping and entertainment. This year, as part of the 25th Birthday Celebration, there were wonderful new activities including:

  • The UNIQUELY UNIS Silent Auction – our celebration of community talents with 25 unique items such as Back to School with Head of School, Handyman for the day with Director of Operations, His and Her's Trainer with Director of Activities...;
  • World Passport Quiz and Prize Draw for children;
  • "Masterchef" Competition with KOTO and Middle School High School students working and competing together for the coveted title and others 

Middle School High School students also hosted a group of students of Sin Chai Primary School from Sapa to join celebration.  

25th Birthday Ball and the Birthday Gift Fund

The highlight event of the 25th Birthday Year was held in the magnificent ballroom of the Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake – the lead, platinum birthday sponsor, themed and decorated by our team of volunteer parents and reproduction of Middle School students’ artworks to take guests into the heart of the Hanoi’s Old Quarter 36 Streets.

We were also honoured to have Dr Francis Rhodes (4th Head of School) who built the school as it is today in Ciputra, as well as  former Heads of School Dr Alice Ann Winner (1st), Jim Ambrose (3rd) and the current Head of School at UNIS New York, Sal Uy joining the list of special guest.

Not only was it a wonderful evening full of entertainment and fine dining with distinguished guests, the 25th Birthday Ball also laid the foundations for our Birthday Gift Fund, which will be the School’s birthday gift back to our host country.

With funds from the UNIQUELY UNIS Silent Auction, the sales of Birthday Souvenirs and the 25th Birthday Ball, the Birthday Gift Fund raised in excess of 35,000 USD.

Through our Service Learning charity partners, the Fund will support projects helping those most in need in Vietnam, which demonstrate:

  • Sustainability
  • Meaningful Student Engagement and Learning
  • Expanding our sense of Community

We hope that the projects the Birthday Gift Fund will support, will transform lives for the next 25 years.

And it was the students, in their own words who shared the power of their Service Learning experience at UNIS Hanoi and built the dream for our shared future.

The last but not least celebration

If you are living in -or travelling to- Seoul, be sure not to miss the last but not least 25th Birthday celebration:

The 25th Birthday Alumni Reunion in Seoul

Saturday 11 May from 6:00pm in COEX

Over 50 alumni have confirmed to join the exciting evening. Email to sign up or click here for details.



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